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Hair Care Tips for Summer Time

by Shahnaz Husain

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Hair Care Tips for Summer Time

Proper hair care routine using natural and herbal ingredients in summer time is essential to maintain hair and scalp health- Shahnaz Husain

The scorching heat of summer and perspiration makes it difficult to maintain good hair health. Dirt and pollution stick to the hair and damage the scalp making it itch and flaky. What should be done to maintain healthy and lustrous hair?


“You should have a definitive summer hair care routine is a must, that requires proper cleansing, using natural ingredients and some home remedies”, Says Shahnaz Husain.


Let’s take a look at some summer hair care tips that are simple yet effective to help you achieve healthy, strong and lustrous hair:


Oily Hair

Oily hair results in oily flakes and the oiliness becomes breeding ground for bacteria, pollution and dirt, for maintaining optimum hair health proper care is required, following tips will help:

  • Use a mild shampoo alternative days that helps control oil.
  • Using an herbal shampoo like Shahenna Premium hair cleanser helps remove oiliness of hair and counter hair fall & dandruff.


Dry Hair

Dry hair often results in brittle hair too that eventually leads to hair loss and flaky scalp, following tips will help restore hair health:

  • Remember to oil your hair a day before wash, using herbal oil like Bhringraj Amla Hair Oil not only strengthens the roots, helps restore natural oil balance and also restore hair health.
  • Next day remember to wash your hair with gentle herbal hair shampoo like Bhringraj Amla Hair Cleanser. The goodness of Amla restores hair strength, health and provides nourishment to the hair roots.

Brittle Hair

  • If you have brittle hair then prepare a hair mask using naturel ingredients like- mix 1 tablespoons Sesame Seed (Til) oil +one teaspoon Glycerine, and one Egg Yolk. Apply the mask on your hair from roots to tips and let it sit for 30 minutes. Shampoo with mild hair cleanser.


Quick Summer Hair Care Tips

  • Your hair requires protection from sun, remember to use a sun-protected hair conditioner.
  • If you are too busy to shampoo your hair then spritz eau de cologne on your hair brush and brush your hair gently from roots to tips. Not only it combats oiliness of hair but also leaves your hair smelling fresh.
  • Hair sweat is a common issue, accompanied by fizziness and dandruff, to counter these wash your hair regularly. However, avoid shampoo daily as it can cause flaky scalp issues, instead washing your hair alternatively with a mild herbal shampoo is recommended.
  • For flaky scalp and dandruff, mix a tablespoon of Lemon juice with your shampoo to control excessive oil production and to keep your scalp healthy during the summers.
  • Home-made shampoo can be prepared using natural ingredients like Amla powder with tea water and Lemon juice. Also, add Reetha and Shikakai powder to the mixture.
  • Sun damage to hair results in loss of shine, using curd mixed with egg white helps restore natural shine and arrests hair fall.

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