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2024 Era of being Natural, Authentic and Sustainable

by Shahnaz Husain

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2024 Era of being Natural, Authentic and Sustainable

Being Natural, Authentic and Sustainable!

While 2023 was all about makeup but no make up look. The glam concept was about using layers of makeup just in a way to look natural. Trends like nude lip shades, brown and peachy eye shadows, exact skin tone foundation, more highlighter, dewy and glass skin look were hyped quite immensely.

Whereas, currently Gen Z hype is all about using natural and organic skincare products and following the daily skin care routines with utmost discipline to actually flaunt natural skin with bare minimum use of make-up.

Skin care products and regimes are constantly studied and put in practice by both men and women.

Social media influencers are creating an awareness and inspiring audiences about self-love i.e. self-care. The perception of beauty has now culminated to the word ‘Natural’ and it is getting much love and appreciation too!

The global Gen Z concept is of ‘healing rather than concealing’.

Many known beauty brands are getting banned on the grounds of using harmful chemicals in their products that are depicted causing organ damages and also life-threatening diseases.

In contrast, the most illustrious impeccable Shahnaz Husain an exquisite name of beauty industry has already cultivated the importance of using organic and natural ingredients many decades before than the Millennials and Gen Z’s even existed!

The Shahnaz Husain brand is not just about the products, it’s her vast education and experience of Ayurveda that has been leading the herbal market since 1971. Shahnaz Husain’s intellect of Ayurveda, Natural Skin Care, Hair care and Organic Beauty Products are being applauded and showing life internationally since decades. Year over year the brand is blooming so beautifully by virtue of the loyalty and phenomenal quality that it has successfully maintained.

The magnanimous gem Shahnaz Husain always placed her emphasis on the brownie points that are for all generations, to be healthful both physically as well mentally by:

  • Eating healthy
  • Using natural products for self-care
  • Following disciplined lifestyle
  • Staying fit and happy.


“Nature has bestowed us a whole lot, it’s how we presume and absorb it for our assorted fundamentals”


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