The Beauty Myths: If You Believe in These Myths, Stop!

by Shahnaz Husain

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The Beauty Myths: If You Believe in These Myths, Stop!

The Internet should not be blamed for the misinformation spreading around, because people were misinformed even more before the digital age. In fact, with the power vested in all of us by Google, it has become easier to get down to the bottom of any piece of information, good or bad. To inform people better, we picked some myths that a lot of people believe in. Check out –

Myth 1: Acne is just a teenage problem

Yes, teenagers struggle with acne more than adults, but it is because of hormonal imbalance. It does not mean that acne can’t happen to adults. At any stage of your life, if your body goes through hormonal imbalance, you will get acne.

Myth 2:  Brush your hair 100 times to make them silky

This is the exact opposite of what it does. If you brush your hair 100 times, the roots of your hair will become weak, making it prone to hair fall. If you are not gentle while regular brushing, you remove the cuticle from your hair and make it weak.

If you have curly hair and want your curls to sustain, you should comb as little as possible.

These are the myths people believe in; let us know more myths so that we can debunk them.

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