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Shahnaz Husain Hair Care Kit-B, (Shamla Plus + Shalocks Plus + FREE – Shatone Plus) – 200 Ml + 200 Ml + 100 Ml

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Shahnaz Husain Hair Care Kit-B

[MANUFACTURED BY :- SHAHNAZ AYURVEDICS (ROORKEE) Khasra No.65, Shiv Ganga Industrial Estate, Village Lakashari, Bhagwanpur, Tehsil, Roorkee, Distt. Haridwar (U.K) INDIA
MARKETED BY :- SHAHNAZ AYURVEDIC (NOIDA), (WAREHOUSE DIVISION) A 3, PHASE -II, NOIDA Dist- GAUTAMBUDH NAGAR (U.P. 201305) [INDIA] (The above mentioned price is MRP in INR & inclusive of all taxes)

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Key Benefits

  • SHALOCKS PLUS  -- Shalocks is a combination of therapeutic oils and extracts which helps in the nourishment of the hair and protects it from dandruff and hair loss. Based on Ayurveda, it contains olive oil, sesame seed oil, almond oil, wheatgerm oil, along with extracts of shikakai, brahmi, amla and henna. Regular use of this herbal oil prevents any scalp problems and premature greying of the hair. It keeps the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth. It is available in a pack of 100 ml.
  • SHAMLA  PLUS-- Amla, also called the Indian Gooseberry, has a plethora of medicinal properties and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for many years. Amla not only acts as a great hair conditioner but also as an effective treatment for dandruff. Amla is a key ingredient used in the development of Shamla which adds body to the hair and makes them stronger. This is a powerful scalp and hair cleanser which helps to remove loose dandruff flakes. Regular use of this Ayurvedic hair cleanser helps to thicken the hair shaft and promote hair luster.
  • SHATONE PLUS (COMPLIMENTARY) --Shatone is a lotion based product and it helps to control dandruff and scalp related problems, in the process restoring health to the hair. This product consists of herbal extracts of trifala, shikakai, bael, methi, hibiscus which protects the scalp and prevents dandruff and hair loss. This Ayurvedic product tones the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.

Directions For Use

  • SHALOCKS PLUS--To be applied on scalp, the night before washing. Apply with cotton wool.
  • SHAMLA PLUS-- Recommended for natural to dry hair. Its combination with SHARINSE is recommended to improve texture.
  • SHATONE PLUS --Apply on scalp using cotton wool. Gently massage in circular movements with finger tips and leave on. It is non-oily.

Key Ingredients

  • SHALOCKS --Brahmi Extract , Amla Extract , Shikakai Extract , Mehndi Extract , Badam Tel , Wheat Germ Oil, Jaitun Tel, Kalongi Oil, Til Tel, Moongphali Tel.
  • SHAMLA -- Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Beal & Arnica.
  • SHATONE --Triphala Extract, Shikakai Extract, Bael Giri Extract, Gurhal Extract, Germinated Mattar Extract, Methi Seed Extract.
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