Maintain Your Body’s Ideal Weight with Shahnaz Husain’s Weight Management Range

by Shahnaz Husain

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Maintain Your Body’s Ideal Weight with Shahnaz Husain’s Weight Management Range

In the huge world of beauty and appearance, perhaps what we long for the most is a perfect body with maintained weight and ideal proportions.

Today, there are innumerable diets, exercises, supplements and tricks which claim to be the best solution for weight loss and slimming. While all these offer a wide variety of different solutions, we have narrowed it down to the following basic strategies and tips which are widely known and their effectiveness is backed by evidence –

– Drink lots of water, especially before meals. This boosts metabolism and helps you cut down a few extra calories.
– Drink zero or low-calorie drink like green tea and black coffee.
– Eat high protein foods for breakfast. This makes you less hungry throughout the day.
– Cut back on extra sugar and salt in your diet.
– Eat less refined carbs and more fiber.
– Get regular sleep and exercise.
– Say no to sodas and sugary drinks.

Apart from these, we also present to you the following products from Shahnaz Husain which help you to maintain a healthy weight with no chemicals and toxins –

  1. Slimcal Slim & Trim Capsules – These capsules act as anti-cellulite agent and are designed to cut down excess body fat and achieve a healthier and leaner body.
  2. Slimcal Anti-Cellulite Gel – This non-greasy formula is a powerful infusion of time-tested ingredients which have been specially created to eliminate toxins, drain fatty tissues while increasing skin’s firmness and elasticity. Massage Slimcal Anti-Cellulite Gel on the body with invigorating movements, concentrating on problem areas (waist, abdomen, hips, thighs) until the gel is absorbed. Use it regularly – morning or evening.
  3. Slimcal Plus Slimming Oil – Enriched with plant extracts and oils, this slimming oil is specially formulated to tone and nourish the skin.

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