Shahnaz Husain, the pioneer of organic beauty care, has achieved unprecedented international acclaim for her practical application of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of herbal healing. Just when there was a worldwide “back to nature” trend, Shahnaz Husain recaptured an ancient herbal system and made it relevant to modern demands.

Almost four decades ago, she adopted the principle of Ayurveda, based on an integrated system of clinical treatments and product ranges. In fact, her career has been a constant search for a better alternative. Her study of Ayurveda, the Indian holistic system of herbal healing, strengthened her faith in nature, finding that it could offer the ideal answers to protective, preventive and even corrective cosmetic-care. Today, her name has become a brand and she is herself the brand ambassador.

Franchise Network

Shahnaz Husain Group has a large network of over 400 franchise in India and abroad, operating under the Franchise system. The franchise clinics have extended not only to the major cities, but to even small towns, all over India.

The fast-paced extension of the Shahnaz Husain clinics is due to the unique franchise system, by which the franchisee obtains the right to use the Shahnaz Husain’s Group name and treatments, as well as enjoy a margin of profit on the sale of products. The franchisee, in turn, has to acquire training in specialized treatments in Shahnaz Husain’s school of beauty therapy and also satisfy the stringent requirements of a name that has become internationally known.

Shahnaz Husain franchise offers a lifestyle career that lends itself to a flexible work schedule and an opportunity to involve family members in the business. We are looking for operators with a retailing interest and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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