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Weight Management

by Shahnaz Husain

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Weight Management

If you are overweight and want to shed a few pounds and manage your weight, the best thing to do is to follow a weight-reducing diet or take up exercises, under supervised guidance. Exercise is certainly beneficial for physical fitness. It makes the body strong and agile, tones the muscles, increases stamina, improves blood circulation, imparts vitality and promotes good health. Where the appearance is concerned, a slim figure can take years off and help in looking youthful for a longer time.

For exercise, start with a daily walk at a brisk pace, but increase the distance and pace gradually. You can also take up stretching exercises or yoga. But, first consult your doctor. Brisk walking is good for an efficient metabolism. We burn up calories not only when we are walking, but also for 20 minutes after we stop. A half-hours brisk walking burns up 1200 kilojoules. When you exercise, the movements should be smooth, without jerks. Sweating does not mean that you are burning up body fat. If your body weighs less after exercising, this means loss of water. Do not eat a meal within two hours of vigorous exercising.

Take a look at your eating habits. Bringing about a gradual change in your diet makes a difference. Avoid crash diets, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. So ensure that you have a balanced diet that contains a variety of foods, so that all the essential nutrients are available. Ayurveda advocates that 40% to 60% of the diet should comprise of whole grain cereals. Vegetables and fruits should form 30% to 50% of the diet and 10% to 20% should come from high quality proteins. Making some changes definitely helps. For instance, avoid eating desserts after meals and stick to fresh fruits. Take clear soups (without butter) and salads before the main dish. Avoid having rich gravies. Cut down on your intake of cereals. Have enough fresh fruits, salads, sprouts, curd made from skimmed milk, cottage cheese or paneer, lightly cooked vegetables, fish and chicken. Avoid snacking between meals. If you feel like a snack, go for fruit, carrot or cucumber, making them more appetizing by adding lemon juice and chaat masala.

Ayurveda is a holistic system and lays a great deal of emphasis on lifestyle and food habits, which form an integral part of treatment. Shahnaz Husain’s unique Slimcal range, based on Ayurveda has much relevance, with the increasing awareness of fitness and holistic health. It comprises of 3 products – Slimming Oil, Slimming Anti-Cellulite Gel and Slimming Capsule. They contain traditional herbal extracts that are known to help reduce weight and also benefit the body in various ways. They not only help to activate a sluggish metabolism, but also reduce the accumulation of wastes.



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