Skin Toning Vs Bleaching: Know the Difference - Shahnaz Husain
Skin Toning Vs Bleaching: Know the Difference

by Shahnaz Husain

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Skin Toning Vs Bleaching: Know the Difference

Among the many confusing terms of the skincare industry, toning and bleaching are two commonest ones. People often mistake skin toning for skin bleaching. Because many people disapprove of bleaching, this confusion leads people to avoid toning. They are two very different processes, and it is essential to distinguish between them to decide on a skincare regime correctly.

Skin toning is the process of treating uneven skin tones. Skin toning can involve using products like toners, washers, serums, and lotions. It cleanses the skin, removes any excess oil or dirt, and maintains the skin’s pH balance. It also helps to shrink the pores. Skin toning helps in clearing out dark spots and tackling discolouration. It is a part of the skin cleansing process and does not attempt to alter the natural colour of the skin.

Skin bleaching is the process of whitening or brightening the skin using chemicals. Products used to bleach the skin comes in the form of soaps, creams and facewashes. They contain harsher chemicals than those in a skin toner. Glutathione is the primary ingredient of skin bleachers. It is naturally produced by the liver and is also a robust whitening agent. Mercury is also used in skin bleachers. It carries the risk of skin poisoning, premature skin ageing and skin thinning. When used in excessive amounts, it can lead to acne reactions.

Skin bleaching is not a part of a regular skin cleansing routine. It should be done cautiously and preferably by experts. It should not be done regularly as it disrupts the skin’s melanin levels and can change the natural composition of the skin.

The world of skincare can be confusing and overwhelming. Before making any decisions about your skin, you should know the unique properties of all processes.

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