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Remedies for Curly Hair

by Shahnaz Husain

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Remedies for Curly Hair

Curly or frizzy hair can often be rough and unmanageable. Conditioners and serums help to make them look smooth and well groomed. The hair should be washed with mild herbal shampoos, using less shampoo and rinsing well with water. Shampoos with conditioner are also available, like Shagrow Plus. Curly hair should be washed two to three times a week. After shampoo, apply a creamy conditioner. You can try Rosemary Thyme Hair Conditioner. Avoid applying near the roots and scalp. This can clog the pores and make the scalp oily. Apply conditioner on the ends too, to avoid split ends and make the curls smooth. Leave on for two minutes and rinse off with plain water.

You can also apply a few drops of hair serum to make the hair smooth and shiny. Hair serum may be applied to wet or dry hair. Use Shahnaz Husain Hair Serum, or Platinum Scalp Serum. If there is a hair loss problem, apply Anti-Hair Fall Serum. Or, as a quick tip, to smoothen curly hair, mix some water with creamy hair conditioner and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the hair. Then comb the hair, so that it spreads through the hair. When you blow dry your hair, exercise caution and hold the dryer at least 6 inches away.

Roller setting is a way of settling your curls, or making the hair curly or wavy. This is temporary and the set may last till the next shampoo. In temporary curling with rollers, the hair must be damp. Setting lotions or mousse may also be used with the roller setting. They lend body to the hair. You can also use a curling wand for gentler waves or curls. However, if direct heat applications are used, you need to step up hair care and conditioning. Avoid excessive heat applications.

In cases of rough and dry hair, or if you have had your hair permed, hot oil therapy helps. Mix one part of castor oil with two parts coconut oil. Heat and apply. Remember to apply on the ends too. Then dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap the hot towel around the head, like a turban. Keep it on for 5 minutes. Repeat the hot towel wrap 3 or 4 times. This helps the hair and scalp absorb the oil better.

Avoid vigorous massage and rubbing when you apply oil. Massage the scalp gently, using only the finger tips. Actually move the scalp in small circular movements. This helps to stimulate blood circulation to the follicles. Keep the oil on overnight and wash the hair the next day. To dry the hair, avoid rubbing with your towel. Instead, wrap it around the head and allow it to absorb excess water. Comb out the tangles with a wide toothed comb, starting from the ends and working upwards. Allow the hair to dry naturally.

As a home remedy, aloe vera gel can be applied on the hair. It is a powerful moisturizer and hair softener. Apply on the hair and wash off with plain water after 20 minutes.

You can also take hair spa treatments at a Shahnaz Signature Salon. This entails oil massage, exposing the hair to steam, application of hair packs and so on. It helps to improve the texture of the hair and add shine to damaged hair.


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