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Keep Covid-19 at bay with Shahnaz Husain’s Germ Defence Range

by Shahnaz Husain

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Keep Covid-19 at bay with Shahnaz Husain’s Germ Defence Range

It is time to be extremely cautious of our surroundings and ensuing interactions as COVID-19 is sparing no one. Fortunately for you, we know exactly what will help you survive the pandemic with the right standards of hygiene. Here are some of the Germ Defence products by Shahnaz Husain for a worry-free battle with COVID-19:

1. Neem-Turmeric Germicidal Handwash:

This handwash is packed with all-natural plant extracts, germicidals and antiseptics such as clove oil, Cajeput oil, turmeric, neem and basil for thorough germ elimination. Additionally, lemon adds antiviral properties to the wash while aloe vera moisturises the skin.

2. Hand Wash – Herbal Hand Sanitizer:

Designed for comprehensive protection, this herbal sanitiser comes loaded with organic germicidals, antiseptics and cleansers such as like neem, lemon, tea tree oil and rose. This gel-based formula keeps you protected at all times.

3. Neem Turmeric Aloe Vera Germicidal Face Wash:

Dedicated for deep cleansing the facial skin, this advanced facewash is enhanced with natural ingredients like turmeric, neem, rosewater, cinnamon, cucumber seed, aloe vera, basil and lemon to make it a potent formula.

4. Neem Turmeric Germicidal Body Wash

This extremely effective body wash is enriched with extracts of aloe vera, neem, cinnamon, turmeric, rose water, vetiver, cucumber seed, and clove to protect, nourish, tone and soften your skin.

5. Neem -Amla-Brahmi Germ Protective Hair Cleanser:

This cleanser is specially formulated to stimulate hair growth, enhance hair beauty and add lustre to it. It is rich in natural plant extracts of bhringaraj, neem, brahmi, amla, shikakai and artishtak which are known for their cleansing and germicidal properties.

6. Neem – Amla – Bhringraj Germ Protective Hair Oil:

This organic formulation not only provides deep nourishment to your hair but also promotes its health and adds shine as well as volume. It is abundant with amla, neem, brahmi, and bhringaraj in conjunction with coconut oil, olive oil, groundnut oil and wheat germ oil which make your locks thicker.

This entire range of Germ Defence products is fully natural and provides you with long-lasting protection.

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