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Choose Safety and Sanitization with Shahnaz Husain’s Germ Defence Range

by Shahnaz Husain

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Choose Safety and Sanitization with Shahnaz Husain’s Germ Defence Range

There perhaps hasn’t been a more crucial time to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy as there is now. As protection from germs and infections becomes the top most priority of all households of the country, we at Shahnaz Husain believe that merely washing your hands isn’t enough to keep you safe.

We are strong advocates for investing in one’s health, and we encourage you to go to the basics – neem, amla, turmeric, and the likes, for your healthcare and protection from germs.

Our new germ defence range of complete body care has been launched keeping in mind the brilliant efficacy of these gifts of nature on keeping one healthy and getting rid of infections. The range includes the following products-

  1. Neem-Turmeric Germ Defence Hand Moisturiser – Designed with antiseptic, healing, and emollient properties, this product allows you to have germ-free hands which are also well moisturized and hydrated.
  2. Neem-Turmeric Germicidal Hand Wash – Just washing your hands with water does not get rid of all germs. Our handwash is especially formulated for hygienic hand disinfection and total protection from microbes.
  3. Neem -Amla-Brahmi Germ Protective Hair Cleanser – Our hair cleanser contains herbal extracts of neem, amla, bhringaraj, brahmi, artishtak and shikakai to ensure that your hair is not just lustrous and silky, but also clean and free from germs
  4. Neem Turmeric Aloe Vera Germicidal Face Wash – The formula is designed to free your skin from any germs, bacteria, and disease-causing microbes, while also making it look fresh and radiant.
  5. Neem Turmeric Germicidal Body Wash – containing extracts of neem, turmeric, cinnamon, rose water, aloe vera, cucumber seed, vetiver, and clove, this body wash is certainly your new BFF if you want soft, toned and germ-free skin!
  6. Herbal Hand Sanitizer – Say hello to complete hand hygiene with our Herbal hand Sanitizer which is powered by natural antiseptics, germicidal, and cleansers.

Make way for guaranteed hygiene and germ protection for you and your loved ones with our range of Germ Defence Products from Shahnaz Husain

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