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Care of Arms and Legs

by Shahnaz Husain

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Care of Arms and Legs

The arms are exposed areas of the body. They suffer from dryness during winter and also become tanned on exposure to the sun.

Before your bath, apply olive oil of sesame seed (til) oil on the arms, massaging it into the skin. We recommend Shaherb Body Massage Oil, which contains sandalwood, almond oil and olive oil. During your bath, scrub the arms with a loofah or towel. Use mild glycerin soap, or a soap-free body gel. Twice a week use a body scrub, like Shascrub Face and Body Scrub. It helps to remove tan and brighten the skin. To remove tan, you can also apply Shadew Turmeric Treatment on the arms before your bath.

Home Remedies

Ground almonds make a good home scrub. Soak almonds in hot water till the skin comes out easily. Then allow them to become totally dry. Grind them into a powder, making sure to follow absolute hygiene and cleanliness. Keep this powder in an airtight jar. Every morning, add a little curd to two teaspoons of the powder and rub the mixture gently on the skin. Wash off with water. Or, you can use besan and curd. Add a pinch of turmeric. Mix together and apply. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off with water. This can be a good pre-bath scrub. If you want to make the skin colour lighter on the arms, you can wipe them with cold milk daily. This not only soothes sunburn, but also lightens skin colour. Scrubs containing milk or curd also help to lighten skin colour over a period of time.

As far as specialized products are concerned, Shamoist Plus can be applied on the arms and legs daily to moisturise the skin and relieve dryness. We also recommend our Active Recharge Hand Cream. It is enriched with natural emollients and oils to nourish the skin. It contains organic extracts like carrot seed, comfrey, shea butter, aloe vera juice, rose water and olive oil. It is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin super-soft and smooth. Specially packaged in a tube with a unique dispensing system, it has stainless steel roller ball applicator, which allows easy application and massage. After your bath, apply Shaflower Body Lotion while the skin is still damp, to seal in moisture.

There is nothing like exercise to tone the muscles and make your legs attractive. Exercise also helps to add grace to your posture and movement. So after taking your doctor’s advice, take up daily exercise. Yoga would be ideal. Massage oil on the legs before bath, especially during winter, to relieve dryness and soften the skin. You can also make your own massage oil by mixing almond oil with sunflower oil and adding a few drops of rose or sandalwood oil. This leaves the body with a pleasant fragrance. You can also use Shaherb Body Massage Oil or Shadew Turmeric Treatment.

Sometimes cellulite can affect the beauty of the legs. It consiste of lumps and tiny bulges on the thighs that really spoils the look of the legs. Massage is an important part of treating cellulite, along with “skin brushing.” Long stroking movements help to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. The area with cellulite is squeezed and kneaded, ending with the stroking movements again. Skin “brushing” also helps. The entire surface of the body is brushed, using a rough cloth, or a natural bristle brush. Begin from the feet and go upwards towards the thighs. Then brush from lower to upper arms. Go across the shoulders and back. Brush gently on the chest and abdomen. Conclude by taking a warm shower. We also recommend our Anti-Cellulite Oil.

To keep the legs soft and smooth, hair removal plays an important role. Waxing is the most popular method of removing hair from legs. Large areas of unwanted hair can be removed in one session. Waxing removes the hair by the roots. Over a period of time, the hair growth lessens and becomes softer in texture. It is better to have it done at a beauty salon.

We can also recommend Shahnaz Husain’s Liposoluble Chocolate Wax for hair removal. It not only makes the waxing procedure smooth and easy, but is free of solid resin. It contains white chocolate and plant oils, which nourish and moisturise the skin. The formulation also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe and heal the skin. With a soft, creamy texture, it is easy to spread and provides a smooth finish. It also helps to remove tan and dead cells, leaving the skin soft, smooth and bright.

Beauty is a matter of total impact. Paying attention to every part of your body imparts self-confidence, apart from beautiful arms and legs.


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