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What are the Benefits of Using Kaolin Masks

by Shahnaz Husain

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What are the Benefits of Using Kaolin Masks

Kaolin is a soft white clay that is mainly used in China to create porcelain products. When you use clay masks for your face, it can be possible that it consists of kaolin.

These types of face masks can provide several benefits to your skin. It is so because kaolin has anti-inflammatory, healing, and antibacterial properties. Many researchers do not claim that kaolin can benefit the skin, but some claim it can be beneficial. However, some of the benefits of kaolin masks are:

Best suited for acne-prone skin

Kaolin masks are best suitable for acne-prone skin. They can absorb sebum from the skin and prevent clogging. When you use a kaolin mask, you can draw out impurities from the face by removing excess dirt and pollution.

Prevents ageing

There is no such evidence that kaolin masks can prevent ageing. However, a study claims that kaolin masks can increase collagen fibres which ultimately prevent ageing.

Supports sensitive skin as well

Kaolin can be used on sensitive skin as it can be gentle on the skin. But one should use kaolin if they have dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, first try kaolin on either neck or inside of the wrist. This can show you how kaolin will work on your face.

Provides smooth skin

Many beauty products consist of kaolin because it can absorb oil from the skin and provides smooth and healthy skin.


Kaolin is used in China for an extended period, and it is safe to use. But, still, no evidence study can claim that it is helpful for skin.

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