Troubled by Dry Skin in Summer Here's How You Can Treat It - Shahnaz Husain

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Troubled by Dry Skin in Summer Here’s How You Can Treat It

by Shahnaz Husain

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Troubled by Dry Skin in Summer Here’s How You Can Treat It

Dry skin is usually an issue in winters, but sometimes it is possible to be faced with the problem in summer. If you also face this problem, listed below are the ways with the help of which you can tackle this problem.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is essential during summer days. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. This will keep you hydrated, and your skin will not dry frequently.

Avoid Hot Water

If you have dry skin, then avoid hot water. Hot water tends to dry the skin by removing moisture. In summer, it is better to take a bath with cold water to cool the body.

Healthy Skin Care Routine

In summers, our skin demands extra care as more and more starts to accumulate on the face. Use cleansing oil and cleansing foam to remove all the dirt from the face. Then use a moisturizer to finish the care routine. During the day, if you have dry skin, you can carry a hydrating spritzer or mist with you. Spray it on your face a few times.

Day/Night Cream

When you have dry skin, use moisturizers during both – the day and night. Choose a moisturizer that best suits your skin type. In summer, gel-based moisturizers work better on any skin type. As a night moisturizer, choose a product that has retinol as its component.

Face Wash

In summers, use a mild-face wash, which has moisturizing properties and is hypoallergic. You can go for a face wash having fruit enzymes like papaya in it.


Dry skin is to be expected in summer and happens due to excessive heat. You should frequently clean and moisturize your skin for the best results.

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