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Tips to Restore Your Skin Health without Using Expensive Cosmetics

by Shahnaz Husain

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Tips to Restore Your Skin Health without Using Expensive Cosmetics

Who doesn’t want healthy and glowing skin that attracts everyone? But causes like lack of sleep and nutrition, as well as a proper skincare routine make our skin look dull. If taken care of properly, many more factors may help our skin look fantastic.

According to beauty expert Shahnaz Husain, using expensive and synthetic cosmetics are not an option to treat or restore skin health.

Let’s get into the tips that can help our skin appear healthy without using expensive cosmetics.

Limited exposure to the sun

As per the survey and reports, around 90% of people experience skin ageing problems due to sunlight. It would be very beneficial for the skin to reduce sun exposure and protect your body areas where you cannot apply lotion or sunscreen like eyes, forehead, etc.

Sleep well

A good sleep always helps our skin recover from the damage we face throughout the day. Try to get a good sleep regularly to keep skin looking healthier and brighter. Proper sleep restores skin health.

Stay hydrated

Most of us skip or forget to follow this routine due to several reasons. Drinking water does not directly hydrate our skin. It helps eliminate toxins from our body and make them function properly, which in turn helps skin appear brighter and healthier.

Manage stress

Stress causes an oil-moisture imbalance in the skin, making it sensitive and reactive, which also results in increased oil secretion in the skin. Excess oil makes the skin prone to acne and other problems.

Healthy diet 

Most of us talk about diet and food when we usually discuss weight. But did you know the food we eat also affects our skin health?

An excellent healthy diet from morning to night can easily treat many skin issues and care for it inside out.

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