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Tips for Protecting Your Skin While Travelling

by Shahnaz Husain

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Tips for Protecting Your Skin While Travelling

Everyone wants healthy and glowing skin. There are different skincare routines according to skin type to tackle the pollutants and maintain skin health. However, if you are a traveller and have a busy schedule to follow, you should have a convenient skincare session that may gel with your timetable.

Three essential tips which can sustain the health of your skin and equip you with a glowing confidence are shared below.

– Carry your grooming kit along: It’s imperative to carry the daily essentials while travelling; your skincare products are your arsenal against the continuous exposure to different pollutants, sun and sweat. According to skin type, there is a further necessity of choosing the apt skin care solutions. However, some basic cosmetic products like face wash, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen don’t take up much space and are useful to keep the skin nourished. Practise washing your face once in the morning — before starting your work and cleansing at night, before bedtime. This way, you can keep the effects of dust and the sweat at bay.

– Be choosy about your diet: Travelling outside your home means the hotel food and irregular eating habits! Understandably, time is a big constraint. The meal timing can vary to any extent; so, try to avoid over guzzling as well as skipping your meal, as you might be travelling and busy, but your skin requires its vitamins and minerals. You can eat a light breakfast and have fruits to meet the body’s requirements.

– Keep your body hydrated: If you are sick, drink water; when you are tired, drink water; and when you have inflammation, again drink substantial amount of water! As long as your body has plenty of water, your skin is not going to worry you. Well, it’s very evident that water helps calm the nerves and blood vessels, keeping the body hydrated even during the rush hour and preventing your skin from getting dry and patchy.


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