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This Summer, Go Natural with Your Hair – Use Toxin Free Products

by Shahnaz Husain

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This Summer, Go Natural with Your Hair – Use Toxin Free Products

No amount of hair straighteners, curlers, blow dries or styling can match the grace and charm of naturally lustrous hair. We at Shahnaz Husain strongly urge you to go natural with your hair and believe that your hair deserves to be nourished only by the best quality herbal and organic products which do not damage it with toxins and chemicals, but let it breathe with the wholesome goodness of unprocessed ingredients.

As we welcome the summer sun with open arms, we also open ourselves to the risk of hair damage by the scorching sun rays, sweat and dust. Summers can be harsh on your scalp too – causing dryness, sunburn and dandruff. While these issues are inevitable, it’s possible to deal with them without any adverse effects on your hair if you treat your hair naturally and cautiously.

With the new season here, it’s fun to try different hair styles, products and hair colours, but it’s as important to treat them with care and love, and protect them from harmful chemicals.

At Shahnaz Husain, we present to you a number of hair products designed with only the most natural ingredients to restore and maintain your hair’s natural beauty, including Herbal Henna, Natural Hair Color, Hair Oils and shampoos which condition your hair using natural ingredients. All our products are made using 100% natural non-toxic ingredients with formulas specially designed to look after and replenish the natural shine of your hair.

Apart from that, we encourage you to follow hair care practices like brushing your hair properly – only when it’s dry, invest in good quality hair ties, refrain from washing your hair too often, keep your hair hydrated and never ever take your beautiful locks for granted!

So, remember to invest in your hair, cause it’s the crown you never take off!

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