Struggling with the Hair Fall? Use Herbal Power to Achieve Healthy and Thick Hair - Shahnaz Husain

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Struggling with the Hair Fall? Use Herbal Power to Achieve Healthy and Thick Hair

by Shahnaz Husain

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Struggling with the Hair Fall? Use Herbal Power to Achieve Healthy and Thick Hair

Are you struggling with a problem of hair fall, while the fear of baldness robs you of your sleep? Increased pollution, lack of a nutritious diet, uncontrolled stress, and the use of synthetic products are some factors affecting your hair growth and causing severe hair fall.

Herbal products have the power to fulfill your dream of healthy and thick hair. A combination of natural extracts can combat several hair problems, including hair fall, dryness, hair thinning, dandruff, and more.

Let’s get into the list of herbal products that you must add to your hair care routine to prevent hair fall and hair thinning.

Shahnaz Husain Shagrow Plus – Cleanser Cum Conditioner

This herbal shampoo plus conditioner is specially formulated to cleanse your hair properly and provide better conditioning. Toning the scalp, stopping hair fall, and promoting hair growth is its prime functions. It contains Brahmi, Bhringaraj, and Himalayan cherry that make the hair lustrous and easy to manage.

Shahnaz Husain Neem Hair Oil

Shahnaz Husain neem hair oil is a powerful combination of essential organic oils and natural extracts that offers excellent nourishment, which results in preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth. It contains neem, methi, Triphala, Bhringraj, and Brahmi, which protect hair from scalp problems, hair fall, and dandruff.

Anti-Hair Fall Serum

It is a highly advanced hair serum specially designed to revitalize the hair, stimulate hair growth and fight hair loss. It carries precious plant extracts and oils like sprouts, hibiscus, basil, methi seed, rosemary, amla, Bhringaraj, and bergamot oil, which nourish the hair, providing them smoothness and thickness.

Professional Power Hair Cleanser

Professional power hair cleanser from the Shahnaz Husain brand is an incredible formulation that tones up the scalp and eliminates hair fall problems. By using this highly efficient hair cleanser from Shahnaz Husain, you can restore healthy hair growth.

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