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Sandalwood: A Heal-all Skincare Ingredient

by Shahnaz Husain

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Sandalwood: A Heal-all Skincare Ingredient

Sandalwood, often known as Chandan, is a sacred Ayurvedic ingredient. The sandalwood tree, frequently utilised in religious rituals, has long been associated with Indian culture.

Sandalwood oil, obtained from the Santalum album tree, is a vital component of numerous beauty products used worldwide. In reality, most of us grew up hearing our grandmothers gush about the advantages of sandalwood oil and paste for the skin, particularly if you have acne.

Because they may solve a variety of skin issues, sandalwood oil and extracts can be an amazing elixir for your skin. Let’s delve more into sandalwood’s advantages for beauty. Go on reading.

  • Prevents acne

Sandalwood is a highly effective medicine for healing boils, ulcers, and acne as well as preventing their aggravation because of its antiseptic characteristics, which restrict bacterial growth on the skin. Additionally, sandalwood can prevent your skin from developing those terrible zits.

  • Anti-ageing

Sandalwood contains antioxidants that help keep the skin from wrinkling and sagging. Additionally, it has the ability to counter skin damage caused by free radicals. Ayurveda holds it in high respect for its anti-ageing properties, which include firming the skin and reversing sun damage.

  • Calms the skin

Due to its abundance of anti-inflammatory characteristics, sandalwood is a fantastic treatment for skin rashes and sunburns. It also prevents breakouts and acne while treating skin itchiness and irritation brought on by infections, bug bites, or product sensitivities.

  • Anti-tanning

A suntan might have long-lasting repercussions if it is not immediately treated. Rub sandalwood oil or apply its paste to the affected regions to lessen the redness and burning that result from excessive sun exposure.

  • Eliminates scarring

Sandalwood helps your skin tissues to repair quickly. Eczema, acne, dark patches and wound scars can all be removed with the help of this therapeutic property. Additionally, because sandalwood powder removes impurities and evens out skin tone, it can help in whitening the skin. Moreover, future brides frequently like to apply sandalwood to their faces in order to seem flawless on their wedding day.

Sandalwood has long been used on family altars and in grandmothers’ medicinal cabinets in India. It is currently readily accessible in a variety of convenient forms, including oils, lotions, soaps, and ointments.

Sandalwood can surely be a lovely addition to your skincare regimen for radiant and healthy skin.

Additionally, you can add Shahnaz Husain’s “ShabasePlus Sandalwood Protective Cover” to your skincare routine, which is a perfect clear daytime cover made to shield you from pollution and the sun. This product is worthy of use for all skin types because it contains sandalwood in addition to other herbal elements, including gulabjal, arandi oil, mahua extract, SudhGairika, sunflower extract, and more.

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