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Rice Water for Clear Skin

by Shahnaz Husain

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Rice Water for Clear Skin

Rice water is one of the important components of skincare. When used as part of a skin care regimen, rice water decreases pores, brightens the complexion, tightens the skin, and soothes the skin’s rough texture.

Benefits of Rice Water for Skin   

  • Skin soother

Rice water is ideal for calming down sensitive skin. It is also beneficial for acne, itchiness, and other skin inflammations.

  • Control pores

Rice water can be an effective toner if you have large pores. It aids in the cleansing of pores as well as the management of sebum production on the face, resulting in fewer open pores.

  • Brightens skin 

Defatted rice water can help you if you have dull skin, acne, or an uneven skin tone. It will improve the creation of collagen in your skin, giving you a more supple and radiant appearance. It also helps with the eradication of blemishes, scars, and pigmented patches.

  • Anti-ageing properties

Rice water’s high antioxidant capacity also contributes to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles as well as the reversal of ageing indications.

  • Protection from sun rays

Rice water protects our skin from UV radiation by acting as a natural sunscreen. In addition, it can be used to heal and soothe burnt skin. Its regular use can also aid in the fading of sun spots and tan.

How to make rice water mist for skin

Boil some rice, then drain and preserve the water. Allow it to cool completely before pouring it into a spray bottle. The other way – you can also soak the rice in water overnight and then collect the water the next morning. Allow for fermentation to take place for 2-3 days before applying the fermented rice water as a face mist after bathing in the morning and right before sleep.

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