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Raw Home Remedies for Better Face and Hair

by Shahnaz Husain

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Raw Home Remedies for Better Face and Hair

Are you too lazy to take care of your hair and skin, or do you find that salon treatments are not too easy on the pocket? Whatever might be the reason, once you read the article, you are bound to change your perception of hair and skin care.

It’s lively to have glowing smooth, flawless skin, and silky hair. It gives you the confidence to carry your day proudly and feel good about yourself. There are some home remedies that you can find useful to include in your daily routine.

Papaya, a healthy friend: Apart from being a delicious and nutritious fruit, it is a wholesome raw material to exfoliate the dead skin cells and gifts a glowing skin. It is rich in vitamin C and is an excellent antioxidant. Make a paste of it, apply it on the skin, and leave it for 15-20 minutes; cleanse it and wipe with a fresh towel. If you repeat it twice a week, you will notice the difference.

Tomato is good for skin: If you have never liked tomato in your food, why don’t you make a face mask of its paste? You will be surprised to know that tomato has a rich antioxidant property that brightens the dullest skin and keeps your skin hydrated and intact.

Oiling is good for hair: Sometimes, you might feel that your hair is too oily or dry. After cleansing it with shampoo and regularly using conditioners, if you still have hair loss and weak strands, you may be missing something! It’s a hair oil that you are missing. Coconut or almond are healthy nourishing oils that revitalize the weak strands and nourishes a dry scalp.

Hygiene is paramount: When cleanliness is mentioned, it usually means keeping your clothes and body neat, but have you wondered how unchanged sheets and pillow covers affect your skin and hair? Your pillow has seen the best and worst conditions for your skin and hair. The dead cells and the dandruff residues on an unchanged pillow cover can re-invite the skin and hair problems despite your beauty care efforts.


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