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Protecting Your Skin During the Day

by Shahnaz Husain

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Protecting Your Skin During the Day

During the day, the skin has to be protected from the sun, as well as environmental factors, like impurities and air pollutants. As we all know, sun-exposure has several undesirable effects on the skin. Apart from loss of moisture, dryness, sun tan and sun burn, there are long term effects too, like dark patches and spots, premature ageing, allergies, rashes and so on. Therefore, the skin must be protected with a broad-spectrum sunscreens and sun block products during the day. A sunscreen is a product that forms a barrier between the skin and the sun’s rays, while a broad-spectrum sunscreen is one which provides protection from both UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun.

Since, sun- exposure causes dryness of the skin, we need to protect the skin with moisturizers and day creams. We also recommend mixing a sandalwood based cream with a moisturizer for daytime protective cover. The moisturizer may be mixed according to skin type. Sandalwood is said to protect the skin from sun-damage. Most sunscreens and sun block products have built-in moisturizers. It is essential to apply sunscreen, not only on the face, but also on all exposed areas. The back of the neck and arms are extremely vulnerable to sun damage too.

Apply sun block or sunscreen about 20 minutes before sun-exposure. If you happen to be in the sun for more than an hour, you should re-apply the sunscreen. Shahnaz Husain’s Total Care All Day Long, sun block products provide protection for various degrees of sun-sensitivity. The sunscreen should be selected according to SPF, or Sun Protective Factor. It is mentioned on the label and is related to individual sun-sensitivity. SPF of 20 or 25 suit most skins, while sensitive skins need higher SPF of 30, 40 or 60.

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