Pre- Holi Skincare & Haircare Tips

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Pre- Holi Skincare & Haircare Tips

by Shahnaz Husain

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Pre- Holi Skincare & Haircare Tips

Holi without a doubt, is the most colourful, energetic, and joyful festival globally, not just in India. Holi was traditionally celebrated with buckets of water and dried gulal. Unfortunately, it now contains synthetic pigments and the after-effects of which are irritating to our skin, hair, and eyes and potentially harmful to our health. As a result, a little caution makes a big difference. Below are few skin & hair care tips you can follow pre-holi.

Pre-holi skin and hair care tips to restore radiance to your skin and hair:

    • Apply oil all over the body– Before you play Holi, rub oil all over your body and gently massage it in. The skin behind the ears, earlobes and nail crevices should all be considered. It will moisturize your skin the next day while absorbing the colours. Prefer using coconut or almond oil to protect your skin from the Holi colours.


    • Apply Sunscreen– Before heading out, make sure you have excellent sunscreen with a high SPF. Apply sunscreen to any exposed body parts, such as your neck, back, and arms.


    • Apply moisturizer– Applying a healthy moisturizer to your skin before playing Holi is typically a smart idea. Moisturizers provide a protective layer on the skin, preventing intense holi colours from drying it out and making it easier to remove the colours after the festival.


    • Massage your hair– Harmful and harsh presence of contaminants in both dry and wet colours may quickly deplete the lustre of your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. As a result, be sure to thoroughly oil your hair, remove split ends, and protect your hair with a root mask. To create a protective barrier on the strands, massage your hair with a jojoba-rosemary oil mix or coconut oil.


    • Tie and cover your Hair– Tie your hair up if you have long hair to concentrate the colour stains in a smaller area. Colours can deprive your hair of its natural lustre, leaving you with damaged and brittle growths if you have dandruff. So, it is advisable to wear a cap or stick to natural colours if you still want to enjoy Holi.


Along with having a good time at the Holi party, it’s also crucial to take care of your skin and hair. So, before you go out to celebrate Holi this year, keep the above mention tips in mind. Also, remain hydrated, eat a balanced diet, and only use natural colours. Happy Holi!

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