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Natural and Highly Effective Hair Care Products to Fight Back Hair Fall

by Shahnaz Husain

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Natural and Highly Effective Hair Care Products to Fight Back Hair Fall

Hair fall can hit anyone, no matter your age or gender. There are certain remedies available, but today, we will talk about the products that can help slow down or treat the hair thinning process and make them look healthy and strong.

Shahnaz Husain Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about healthy hair is cleansing. The proper cleanser helps your hair remove all the dirt and excess impurities that occur when you go out. If these impurities don’t get cleared properly, you may face a hair fall problem. This cleanser from the Shahnaz Husain brand, for normal to oily hair, contains Ayurvedic extracts and natural cleansers that help control hair thinning.

Shahnaz Husain Professional Power Hair Oil

Oiling is necessary when it is about to maintain healthy hair. Professional power hair oil from the Shahnaz Husain brand is a complete blend of several essential oils and powerful therapeutic properties. It helps in restoring health to hair and treating problems like dandruff and hair fall.

Shahnaz Husain Shagrow Plus- Cleanser Cum Conditioner

It is a specially formulated herbal shampoo cum conditioner that helps in treating hair breakage and promoting hair growth. It leaves your hair lustrous and easy to manage because of the extracts like brahmi, bhringaraj, and Himalayan cherry.

Anti-Hair Fall Serum

It is a highly advanced formulation made to revitalize the hair and fight hair loss issues. It is a pure blend of precious and essential plant oils and extracts of hibiscus, basil, methi seed, rosemary, amla, bhringaraj, and bergamot oil. When you apply this anti-hair fall serum, it leaves your hair smooth, shiny and bouncy.


Hair loss is a widespread hair problem that negatively affects our minds and personality. Using these products is not enough. You should also avoid heat appliances, harsh shampoos, synthetic products, etc.

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