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Lightening Skin Colour

by Shahnaz Husain

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Lightening Skin Colour

Although Shahnaz Husain has written time and again that the beauty of the skin lies in its good health and not its colour, the demand for a fair complexion exists inIndia. Therefore, there is a growing demand for “fairness products.” Different countries have different ideals of beauty. InIndia, “fair” is considered beautiful. No wonder, the fairness creams market is booming inIndia. It’s not just women who want to be fair. So do men. Fairness creams for men have also started flooding the market, with celebrities endorsing products.

We entered the fairness cream market after decades in the beauty field. After pioneering the herbal beauty movement, Shahnaz Husain felt that it is her duty to make safe and quality products available to the customer. So, she concentrated research on natural ingredients that help to lighten skin colour. The research revealed evidence of many natural plant ingredients that help to lighten skin colour and remove tan, making the skin bright and radiant. In fact, even before entering the fairness cream market, Shahnaz Husain had already introduced her Pearl Cream and Mask, which help to remove tan and help sun damaged skins. Research indicates that pearls influence the transfer of melanin (natural pigment) to the skin surface, preventing tanning and pigmentation of the skin. The pearl content in the Shahnaz Husain Pearl Cream filters the sun’s radiation, provides protection and ensures a fair and radiant skin, with an even colour tone. The use of the cream helps to remove tan and make the skin more radiant over a period of time.

Shahnaz also introduced a reinforced formula called Fair One Plus, with separate creams for Men and Women, which are based on the different needs of men and women. They contain plant ingredients like rose water, aloe vera juice, cucumber, grape, Vitamin E, saffron, arbutin (which is extracted from the bearberry plant), wheatgerm oil, chamomile, liquorice, etc. This unique blend of plant ingredients makes the skin colour lighter and more radiant. It also has protective, healing and beauty enhancing properties.

According to Shahnaz, “We have used Bearberry leaf extract. Leaves of the Bearberry tree not only influence melanin activity in a natural way, but also contain three strong antioxidants, which neutralize the oxygen free radicals that actually damage the skin. These antioxidants also produce three flavinoids, which protect the skin and increase its vitality. Therefore, bearberry has several other skin benefits, apart from lightening skin colour.

Shahnaz has also used ingredients like saffron, cucumber and lemon, which are also known to lighten skin colour and have been used in Ayurvedic treatments for thousands of years. She emphasizez that ingredients of our fairness products have several other benefits, with an emphasis on the good health and youth of the skin, because we concentrated on formulating a product that will ensure safety and also care for the skin, moisturize, tighten and porcelain it, making it healthy, radiant and fair. So while the skin becomes fair, it also becomes more beautiful and healthy.


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