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Learn About the Functionality of Pimple Patches

by Shahnaz Husain

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Learn About the Functionality of Pimple Patches

Pimple patches are one of the latest ways to remove pimples from the face. Pimple patches are little bandages that are stuck on the pimple to cureit by drying it thoroughly. These bandages are available in translucent colour, or as big yellow stars and in jewel-adorned flower shapes. These kinds of stars aren’t meant for hiding acne. They are used to cure pimples and to fight against the stigma related to acne.

Pimple patches are made up of hydrocolloids. Hydrocolloid is a moisture-absorbing dressing that is used for curing wounds. This is what it does to the pimple as well. These pimple patches are a mini dressing for the affected area, and hydrocolloid absorbs the moisturise from that area. This leaves dry skin on that affected area, ultimately removing pimples. These kinds of pimple patches not only absorb the toxins from the skin but also protect your skin against external bacteria, sunlight, or face picking.

The suitability of pimple patches depends upon the type of acne you are facing. A Pimple patch cannot heal every acne type. If you have deeper, acne-like, large, or painful pimples, these patches will not work well, and you need another type of curing method for them.

To use a pimple patch, it is recommended that you should use it on clean and dry skin to have quick and better results.


Pimple patches are meant for curing acne but not every acne type can be cured with this. If your acne is bothering you for an extended period, you should consult a doctor for further action.

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