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Know How to Treat Dark Eyelids at Home

by Shahnaz Husain

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Know How to Treat Dark Eyelids at Home

When the skin surrounding your upper eyes gets dark in colour, this condition is termed dark eyelids. Sometimes, hyperpigmentation or changes in blood vessels can cause dark eyelids. Even dark circles can happen at the same time. But the problem of dark eyelids can be cured with some changes in your daily routine and home-based remedies. You can use the following remedies to treat them at home:

Increase time for sleep

With this remedy, it is not necessary that you can cure dark eyelids. But, sometimes, lack of sleep is the cause of dark eyelids. To eliminate the cause, you should get more sleep.

Use Concealer

To minimise your dark eyelids, you can use a concealer. If you have light-toned skin, then you may go for a pink-coloured concealer. Whereas if you have dark-toned skin, choose a peach-tinted concealer to minimise dark eyelids.

Cold Compresses

This remedy can be used when you want to reduce swelling from the inflammatory area. Using cold compresses can also help you in minimising bruising from broken blood vessels. For a cold compress, you can either choose cold compresses from a drug store or a frozen pea bag wrapped in a towel.

Elevate your head

Instead of using a flat pillow, go for extra pillows to elevate your head when you go to sleep. This can reduce inflammation and provides better blood flow.


Dark eyelids can be caused due to many reasons, but they can be cured with either home remedies or treatments. If you are not getting results from home-remedies, do visit your doctor and get a check-up. Your doctor can help you to get rid of dark eyelids.

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