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Karwa Chauth – Different Shahnaz Husain Facials

by Shahnaz Husain

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Karwa Chauth – Different Shahnaz Husain Facials

Facials are the most popular salon treatments of the skin. They include various procedures, like cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, mask and protection. Have a special facial before Karwa Chauth at the Shahnaz Husain Signature Salon:

Normal to Dry Skin:

24 Carat Gold Facial

The Gold facial suits normal to dry skin. For the facial, Gold Exfoliator, Gold Radiance Gel and Gold Mask are used. The Gold facial begins with deep cleansing of the skin. Then, the Gold Exfoliating Scrub is used for cleansing of dead skin cells and revitalising the skin. The Gold Cream is then massaged into the skin, followed by a special massage, which encourages lymphatic drainage and the removal of wastes and toxins. After removal of the cream, cold compress is given. The Gold gel is applied and a specialised gadget is used to facilitate absorption of the cream and revitalise the skin. The area around the eyes is given attention with the help of creams and masks, which are specially formulated for this delicate region. A face mask, also containing gold, is applied. It rejuvenates the skin and delays the formation of lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Normal to Oily Skin and Combination Skin:

Pearl Facial

The Pearl Facial is specially designed to refresh the skin, counteract sun-damage, remove tan and achieve an even colour tone. It is ideal for revitalizing dull skin and giving it a radiant glow. First deep cleansing procedures to refine the skin are carried out with the Pearlexfoliating Scrub. This is followed by facial massage with the Pearl Cream and application of Pearl Mask. The Pearl Cream is a light frothy cream which suits normal to oily and combination skin. If the skin is oily, less cream may be used and massaged for shorter duration. The Pearl Mask helps to reduce oiliness and close open pores.

For all skin types

Diamond Facial

The Diamond Facial follows a specific procedure, which begins with deep cleansing of the skin, according to skin type. Since diamond is known for exfoliation, a double dermabrasive treatment is given, with Diamond Exfoliating Scrub. This helps to remove dead skin cells, refine skin texture and revitalize the skin. It also heightens the skin’s ability to absorb products. Thus, it is also a way of preparing the skin to receive the massage with the Diamond Skin Nourishing Cream. The skin is massaged with this cream in a way that also encourages the removal of wastes and toxins. Diamond itself is known to purify the skin. The massage is followed by cold compress and application of Diamond Mask. It helps to strengthen the skin’s supportive tissues and increase vitality. Once the Diamond Mask is removed, a protective cover, comprising of the Diamond Rehydrant Lotion and a protective base is applied.

For all skin types (Anti-ageing)

Plant Stem Cells Facial

Shahnaz Husain’s Plant Stem Cells Facial is the fountain of youth. The Plant Stem Cells products contain active plant stem cells of the Edelweiss flower, collagen, elastin, ceramides and powerful anti-oxidants, all of which combine to actually restructure the skin, strengthen it and restore its youthful properties. The products give the skin a new lease of life. The facial commences with cleansing, followed by deep pore cleansing. A double dermabrasion treatment is used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead epithelial cells. The skin is then massaged with the Plant Stem Cells Renewing Cream, which contains precious plant stem cells, oils and extracts in a form that is quickly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. They strengthen collagen and elastin, the skin’s supportive tissues, thus improving skin elasticity and resilience.

Fresh fruit juices are also introduced into the skin through the Galvanic gadget, an extremely effective way of introducing water soluble substances into the skin. After the massage, the Plant Stem Cells Mask is applied. It rebuilds collagen and elastic and reduces lines and wrinkles, making the skin firmer and more youthful. Once the mask is washed off, the skin is toned and cold compress is also given. The Stems Redensifying Serum is applied at the end. This not only protects the skin, but restores density to the skin, making it tighter and more compact. The revolutionary Plant Stem Cells Facial gives the skin a new lease of life.


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