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Ice-Cube Remedies to Skin Problems

by Shahnaz Husain

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Ice-Cube Remedies to Skin Problems

Summer is awful for your skin because of the hot temperatures and excessive perspiration. While Ice-Cubes are great for immediately chilling our hot beverages in the summer, they also perform wonders on puffiness, redness, rashes, dark circles, and other skin problems. There are no bounds to what ice cubes can do for your skin, from boosting blood circulation to decreasing oiliness, healing sunburns, and providing a refreshing foundation for makeup.

Ice-Cubes applied to the skin are a well-known home cure for glowing skin and are beneficial for our skin in a variety of ways. In this harsh season, it is the most effective way to stay fresh and glowing. An ice cube can aid in the maintenance of healthy skin.

Below is the list of a few simple Ice-Cube remedies

  1. Milk Ice-Cubes

Lactose is a key component of milk and a powerful antioxidant. It not only keeps your digestive system in check but it also moisturises your skin, reduces red spots, prevents pigmentation, and gives you a fairer, more natural radiance.

Take a 3/4 cup of milk and add 1/4 cup of water to it. Pour it into an ice-cube tray and wait. Wrap the cubes in a clean cloth and pat them on the face for a few seconds at a time.

  1. Rosewater Ice-Cubes

Rosewater is a beautiful beauty substance that removes your makeup and moisturises your skin. After a long day at work, a simple massage with this cube will lighten your skin and lift your spirits. This will battle infections, diminish wrinkles, and offer your skin a fresh clean-up when frozen into Ice-Cubes.

Mix one cup of concentrated rose water with a cup of regular water. Pour it into an ice cube tray to chill. Use it daily for rejuvenation, as mentioned above.

  1. Cucumber & Lemon Ice-Cubes

A hydrated, vitamin C-rich diet is healthy for your intestines and is also adequate refreshment for your skin. Cucumber and lemon are great antioxidants that help cleanse and brighten your skin naturally. This beauty Ice-Cube will boost blood circulation and keep pimples, acne, and redness at bay.

To prepare a puree, blend a cucumber. After that, squash in a few drops of lemon and pour them onto an ice cube tray. Freeze it for some hours and then apply cold for the best impact, for a few seconds at a time.

  1. Coffee Ice-Cubes

Coffee is not just a refreshing beverage; it’s a treasure trove of crucial revitalising ingredients that are unexpectedly healthy for the skin. Although coffee face pack is a piece of old news, coffee Ice-Cubes are the next craze you should try for that much-needed shine.

Take two teaspoons of coffee and steep it in boiling water for two minutes. Let it cool down. Fill an ice cube dish halfway with coffee and place it in the refrigerator.

  1. Basil & Aloe Vera Ice-Cubes

Basil and Aloe Vera are two culinary products that are beneficial for the body and much better for the skin. Basil, a strong antioxidant, calms the face, while Aloe Vera eliminates excess oil and treats acne. This relaxing combination of cold deliciousness is also an excellent sunburn cure.

Take some basil leaves and crush them in a cup of water. Mix in two teaspoons of natural Aloe Vera gel. Fill an Ice-Cube tray halfway with the mixture and let it freeze. Gently massage the Ice-Cube over your face for a few seconds at a time.

  1. Green Tea Ice-Cubes

Green tea is enriched with antioxidants, making it an excellent remedy against premature ageing, dark circles, and acne. Apart from detoxifying the body and burning extra fat, it also protects us from illnesses and keeps the skin looking youthful and healthy.

Add two green tea bags to the boiling water and let them steep. Allow the tea to cool completely before pouring it into an ice cube tray. Freeze the tea and use it to massage your face.

After a prolonged day, rub an ice cube across your face for rapid stress relief, as it enhances blood circulation in the face and helps it seem more gleaming. Gently rubbing a cube of ice over an area of the body for health purposes is also known as cold therapy or cryotherapy. A pleasant circular massage can be performed a few times every day on your jaw-line, chin, lips, nose, cheeks, neck, and forehead. So, try these simple Ice-Cube remedies if you want to have healthy, bright skin swiftly.

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