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How to Make Diy Nail Polish

by Shahnaz Husain

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How to Make Diy Nail Polish

There are countless variations of nail polish. However, it can be challenging to find the ideal hue for every special occasion. Well, you can produce your own DIY nail paint, so follow this write-up patiently to plumb deep into your passion.

Making a nail polish is simple and quick, it takes only a few minutes. Once you learn about the fundamentals, you can create your own nail polish colours. So, let’s explore some bizarre yet interesting formulae of making nail paints.

  • DIY shimmer glitter nail polish

Ingredients you need- 1 bottle of transparent polish, one jar of colour glitter powder of your choice, a paper funnel and a toothpick.


To create a funnel to pour your glitter into the polish container, roll up a piece of paper. Grab your transparent nail paint, the one which can also be used as a glossy top coat. Don’t use matte ones.

Place the paper funnel at the bottle’s mouth. Make sure there is some room for the glitter; avoid packing it too tightly. With a toothpick, stir a small bit of glitter of any colour into the clear nail paint to ensure a uniform mixture. It will be simpler to de-clump the glitter while mixing it with the polish.

To make your own unique tint, mix in more of the glitter colour that you choose. Depending on your preferred level of opacity, you may even regulate the amount of glitter you add to the polish. Close the bottle and shake well when all the glitter has been mixed. Your shimmer glitter nail polish ready!

  • DIY nail polish using eye shadow

Ingredients you need:  Clear or transparent nail polish, eye shadow (which you probably don’t use), craft glitter, a paper sheet and a toothpick.


First, remove the eye shadow from the palette and place it on a piece of paper using a butter knife or whatever you choose. Next, finely cut the eye shadow to prevent any large clump formation because they may cause difficulty while blending the polish.

Now, take a clear nail paint and using paper create a funnel in the same manner as mentioned in the above recipe. Then, transfer the chopped eye shadow to the clear polish container using the paper funnel. Use a toothpick to help push eye shadow through the funnel if it becomes viscous and begins to clump there. When it’s finished, screw on the bottle cap and give it a good shake to eliminate any clumps.

Note: For every shade of eye shadow or blush you use, you’ll need a different funnel to prevent cross-contamination.

Whoa! Your very own nail polish is ready to use. To create your own nail polish, keep experimenting with different bases, colours, and quantities.

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