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How to Get Healthy Glowing Skin with Fruits

by Shahnaz Husain

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How to Get Healthy Glowing Skin with Fruits

Maintaining healthy skin is challenging. No matter how many products you use, glowing skin can only be achieved by maintaining good health. It is essential to get the right amount of nutrients through diet for this reason.

A significant source of essential vitamins and minerals is fruit. Vitamin C-rich fruits are great for erasing acne scars and whitening the skin. At the same time, fruits high in vitamin B are great for improving your skin’s general health.

A selection of comparable fruits and their skin-friendly qualities is provided below:

  • Lemon

Numerous skin care products frequently contain lemon as main ingredient. This citrus fruit is an antidote to a variety of skin problems and that’s why from anti-acne creams to anti-ageing lotions, lemon can be found in myriad of skincare products. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and can help abate scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and other ageing symptoms. Moreover, it is another natural bleaching agent is lemon and effective to treat tanning and sun damage. Make sure to include this component in your skincare routine.

  • Orange

This fruit’s high vitamin C content can offer you a number of advantages, including reducing the risk of oxidative damage and skin redness. Additionally, it can cure inflammation, control cell damage, and leads to collagen production. You can benefit from it by eating it raw or applying it as a face pack.

  • Papaya

Vitamins A, B, and C are all plentiful in papaya. Additionally, it contains antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal qualities that can treat various skin problems such as moles, eczema, and ulcers. Papaya can be consumed daily in a bowl or you can even apply it topically as a face pack.

  • Cucumber

In addition to having abundant amount of dietary fibres, cucumbers are high in vitamins C and K. It can also keep you hydrated because it contains a lot of water. You can prepare cucumber juice, include it in sandwiches, and add cucumber to salads. To unwind and feel moisturised, place a piece of cucumber over your eyelids.

  • Gooseberry

The gooseberry, also known as amla, is a fruit that is high in water content, a significant source of vitamin C, and a powerful antioxidant. Your eyes, hair, and skin can all benefit from it. Gooseberries can be eaten raw in salads or consuming jam, smoothies, pickles made of them. Also, you can use amla powder on your face and hair packs.

You may also consider using Shahnaz Husain’s Fruit Mini Kit, which contains vitamin-rich fruit extracts, and is specially made to nourish and renew the skin and give it a radiant and healthy appearance. This “5 Step Mixed Fruit Facial Kit” consists of a moisturising cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, a nourishing cream, a fruit mask, and a fruit moisturiser.

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