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How the Sun Can Impact Darker Skin Tone

by Shahnaz Husain

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How the Sun Can Impact Darker Skin Tone

The sun is a vital source of energy for all living beings. Sun’s rays are composed of minute proton particles that after filtering from the ozone layers enter the atmosphere and the ground. Sun’s rays are essential for plant growth and are vital to sustaining our life. Although an optimum amount of sunlight is the need of our body as it revitalizes the vitamins and makes their absorption easier, overexposure to sun rays could damage the skin type and sustain sunburns, allergies, and premature ageing. It can lead to skin cancer too. You can’t avoid the sun’s rays, but moderate sun exposure and using correct skincare products can help to avoid sunburn and tanning.

The skin colour depends upon the pigments of the body called melanin. Its size, shape and number determine the colour of the skin. Usually, when the skin is exposed to sun rays, the skin cells release melanin to tackle the harmful ultraviolet rays. In this process, the skin gets tanned, leading to a darker skin tone. The harmful rays penetrate deep inside the skin layers and kill the skin cells, leading to dark patches and loss of minerals and hydration.

If you have a dark skin tone, don’t be shy because your skin produces more melanin to fight against sunburn, and is healthy. Those with less melanin in the body can suffer from severe sunburn. People working outside and from the equatorial region usually have darker skin because of abundant sunlight. However, using an excellent sun-safe cream is beneficial to fight against sunburn; usually, a cream with SPF 50+ is considered good, but it is advised to apply the cream repeatedly if you spend too much time outside for work or leisure. Thus, it is recommended to carry an umbrella or protect your sensitive skin if overexposed to the sun.

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