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How Do You Cleanse Your Skin?

by Shahnaz Husain

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How Do You Cleanse Your Skin?

Whatever the type or texture of your skin, it requires thorough cleansing. If we could have a look at unclean skin through a magnifying glass, we would realize the absolute necessity of a proper cleansing routine. Before it is cleansed, the skin surface is covered with a film of dirt, stale sweat and oil deposits, stale make-up and pollutants. All these are potent skin irritants. They not only upset the normal balance of the skin, but also hamper its natural functions. The question of cleansing assumes even more importance to city dwellers, as they have to contend with an increasingly polluted atmosphere.

Soap and water are probably the most common cleansing ingredients. Actually, soap cleanses the skin superficially and does not remove every trace of grime, oil and other deposits. Do you know that soap can disrupt the normal pH (acid-alkaline) balance of the skin? Harsh cleansing agents also remove the skin’s natural oil and moisture? Many people who suffer from skin-sensitivity, dehydration, or an oily-skin condition may never stop to think that they may be using a wrong cleansing routine or product. Very often, inappropriate methods may be the reason why a dry skin develops sensitivity, or oil-gland irritation occurs on greasy skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a cleansing procedure that performs three important functions:

Remove surface grime;

Cleanse without disturbing the normal balance;

Keep the skin surface free of dead skin cells.

Whether your skin is normal, oily or dry, remember to cleanse the skin at night. This is even more important than washing the face in the morning. The make-up, dirt and pollutants that have collected on the skin must be removed at night, so that when you sleep, your skin can “breathe”.

For normal to dry skin, avoid soap. Use a rehydrant cleansing gel, like Shacleanse, so that it provides emollients and keeps the skin lubricated and soft. After applying the cleanser, wipe it off with moist cotton wool, so that further moisture depletion is prevented. If you have dehydrated skin with sensitivity, in the form of rough, red, flaky patches, avoid soap altogether.

For normal to oily and combination skin, use Tulsi Neem Face Wash or Shamoon sandalwood cleansing milk; Face wash may be applied on the skin like soap and washed off with water. One can select the face wash according to skin type. For oily skin, face wash containing ingredients like neem and tulsi help to prevent pimples.

If you have a problem skin, with acne, pimples and spots, select Shazema medicated cleanser or soap. It not only helps to remove surface oils, but controls the condition and refreshes the skin.

Cleansing grains or facial scrubs are useful for deep cleansing the skin and are ideally suited to oily skin and clogged pores. If you have a tendency towards blackheads, Shagrain mixed with Sharose will help. Exfoliating scrubs are also grainy in texture and help to remove dead epithelial cells and unclog the pores. They should be rubbed gently on the skin and then rinsed off with water. Scrubs or cleansing grains should not be applied on pimples, acne and rash.

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