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Healthy Hair Needs Healthy Hair Care Routine: Expert-approved Tips

by Shahnaz Husain

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Healthy Hair Needs Healthy Hair Care Routine: Expert-approved Tips

A healthy hair care routine is as important as your skincare routine because you need healthy hair to look great. A hair care routine is not just washing and oiling your hair, but a lot more.

Let’s get into the expert hair care tips that will help you maintain healthy hair. Look at some hair care tips that everyone must follow to get healthy hair.


The first and most essential step to add to your hair care routine is regular oiling. Use oil to massage your scalp as it helps promote blood circulation in your hair and also helps in providing moisture. Oil eliminates dryness and leaves your strands lustrous. Warm the oil you use, and massage it gently into your scalp.


How many of you know that many among us are not washing our hair properly because we are not reaching the scalp entirely and removing pollutants. If the scalp is dirty, you’ll start losing your hair. Use a good herbal shampoo containing natural extracts to cleanse your scalp properly. It will wash away the oil, dirt, and other pollutants present in your hair. Ensure you reach the scalp and cover the entire area while washing your hair.


Conditioning your hair properly with a good conditioner will help restore moisture and make your hair look lustrous. After washing and drying your hair, adding moisture at that time will seal in moisture and help you disentangle your hair.


A good hair care routine is incomplete without proper nutrition. Providing nutrition to your hair is one of the essential aspects you must take care of. If you want healthy and lustrous hair growth, make sure you get a proper diet containing essential nutrients like vitamins, protein, iron, and omega 3.

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