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Hair Habits You Should Adopt to Re-grow Your Hair

by Shahnaz Husain

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Hair Habits You Should Adopt to Re-grow Your Hair

Don’t know how to keep your hair healthy? Maybe hair loss might not physically affect our health, but it hits us emotionally.

We all yearn for thick, lustrous, and long hair, but due to damage and incomplete nourishment, the health of our hair gets hampered. So what should we do to prevent damage, and how can we provide good nourishment to our hair?

Follow these simple habits to re-grow your hair naturally-

Proper oil massage

Massaging your scalp regularly can help you improve thickness and growth. When the fingertips move the scalp during the massage, it improves blood circulation to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth.  Each day, massaging your scalp can help relieve stress present in your head and body.

Avoid heat applications to style your hair

Avoid styling your hair with heat appliances because it may damage them and make them lack shine. Make sure your hair dry naturally and don’t tie them after the wash.

Wash your hair regularly

How often should we wash our hair? It depends on your hair type and how your hair reacts to different environments. Pollution may damage your hair and can make the condition worse for already damaged hair. According to a healthy hair care routine defined by the experts, you should wash your hair twice a week for normal to dry hair and three times a week for normal to oily hair.  Hair needs frequent washing during the hot and humid season.

Use herbal hair care products to wash, and condition your hair containing natural extracts that promote hair growth and prevent hair problems.

You are what you eat

Whether we talk about skincare or hair care routine, a healthy diet always plays a significant role. Our hair needs proper nutrition to grow and maintain its health. Berries, nuts, sprouts, green vegetables, yoghurt, etc., are some great options to provide your hair with better nutrition.

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