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Gram Flour (Besan) – A Trustworthy Skin Remedy

by Shahnaz Husain

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Gram Flour (Besan) – A Trustworthy Skin Remedy

Besan face pack, also known as ubtan, is a traditional skin cure from time immemorial. Enriched with antibacterial qualities, Besan (gram flour) is known for removing dirt and impurities from the body’s deepest layers. It is a common food ingredient found in our kitchen and is efficient to treat numerous skin problems such as acne, tan, blemishes, and dull and dry skin. Also, besan brings a glow to the skin. The best thing about besan is that it is suitable for all skin types, and makes an excellent cleanser. All in all, it’s the ideal beauty agent for your skin, whether it’s used alone or in conjunction with other substances.

Below are five easy homemade Besan face pack remedies-

  • Besan And Turmeric Face Pack

Add a pinch of turmeric powder with two tablespoons of besan. Toss in some rose water and make a paste. Apply a little coating of this to your skin and let it dry naturally. After 10-15 minutes, rinse it off.

When turmeric is added to besan, it creates a miraculous synergy. This prodigious herbal combo brightens your complexion and provides nutrition to skin cells. Besides, the antibacterial properties of the besan-turmeric face pack reduce acne and derma-related problems.

  • Besan And MultaniMitti Face Pack

Take two teaspoons of Multani Mitti (fuller’s earth) and one tablespoon of besan in a mixing bowl. Then stir them in some rose water until you have a smooth, lump-free mixture. Apply this paste to your face and let it on for 15 minutes before washing it off.

Multani Mitti is also known as cosmetic clay that absorbs all of the skin’s excess oil and pollutants. It provides a cooling effect while clearing the pores of your skin. It also enhances blood circulation at the surface of the skin. This face pack is ideal for oily, mixed, and normal skin types.

  • Besan And Tomato Face Pack

Mix the pulp of one ripe tomato with two teaspoons of besan in a blender. Stir all of the ingredients in a bowl and use them as a face pack. After 10-12 minutes, wash it off.

When tomato pulp is added to besan, it transforms it into a skin-lightening and de-tanning face pack.  Tomatoes include a natural bleaching ingredient that can help to lighten tans, black spots, and hyper-pigmented regions. Tomato pulp also works in the rebalancing of the skin’s pH and the creation of natural sebum. Rich in vitamin C, tomatoes help to make skin smoother and firmer by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. This face pack may be used on all skin types.

  • Besan And Banana Face Pack

Smash 3-4 ripe banana pieces and add two teaspoons of besan. Then, to alter the consistency of the face pack, add additional rose water or raw milk. This should be applied evenly to the face and left on for 10-15 minutes. Use lukewarm water and rinse it off.

Bananas are high in healthy fats that nourish and moisturize the skin. They also reduce scars and wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastin production. People with dry skin are advised to use this face pack.

  • Curd And Besan Face Pack

Make a smooth paste for the face pack by mixing one or two teaspoons of curd with two tablespoons of gram flour. Apply this face pack to your face for 15 minutes. It should be washed away with water.

The natural oils and enzymes found in curd make it an excellent cleanser and skin moisturizer. It also contains lactic acid, which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and brighten the face. This face pack is ideal for dry, normal, combination or acne-prone skin.

To sum up, herbal skin care is essential since it gets you closer to having beautiful and bright skin. So, for nourished skin, try these easy yet powerful homemade besan face packs.

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