Get Your Skin Summer-Ready with these Cool Products From Shahnaz Husain - Shahnaz Husain

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Get Your Skin Summer-Ready with these Cool Products From Shahnaz Husain

by Shahnaz Husain

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Get Your Skin Summer-Ready with these Cool Products From Shahnaz Husain

Summer is here! The season of ice creams, fresh watermelon, juicy mangoes, refreshing swims and pretty sundresses is enough to lift anyone’s spirits! As you mind and body become ready for summer, make sure your skin doesn’t stay unprepared, for this is also the season of humidity, sweat and the scorching sun!

As the heat leaves you clammy and itchy, your skin yearns for cool and fresh products which naturally restore the skin’s balance and hydrate it. Don’t worry, we at Shahnaz Husain got your back!

Presenting these products by Shahnaz Husain which are ideal to rescue your skin from the itchy and damaging effects of the heat –

  1. Ayurvedic Body Care Cleanser Soaps – Our range of Ayurvedic Body Care Cleanser Soaps are created using an exclusive formula of plant extracts which helps to revive and refresh your skin. Long with that, it also has anti-bacterial properties to help rid your skin of germs. Use any of our three variants – almond, wood and majorika.
  2. Oxygen Sea Wave Soap (Natural Body Cleanser) – Designed specially to create an oxygen layer over the skin, this cleanser has skin cooling properties and is just perfect for the warm weather!
  3. Shaweeds Plus – Seaweed Under-Eye Mask – It’s no secret that your eyes take the most stress and tend to become itchy. Our under-eye mask is made with bio-marine algae extract, along with sandalwood, cucumber, carrot seed, rose and honey and helps to cool down the eyes along with removing any effects of stress and aging.
  4. Softening Skin Wash – Almond Shower & Cream – A long day spent in the sun urgently requires a gentle and cool bath with our natural skin wash, made with herbal extracts of turmeric and almond to moisturize your skin and make it soft & supple.
  5. Neem Turmeric Germicidal Body Wash: The cooling tendencies of neem along with healing and anti-bacterial properties of turmeric come together to thoroughly clean and cool your body in every single wash.
  6. Tulsi Neem Face wash: This soap-free Ayurvedic face wash is designed to clean the face and remove any impurities. With its calming effects on the skin, this face wash surely is your BFF for the summer!

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