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Face Massage for Stress, Wrinkles and Ageing

by Shahnaz Husain

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Face Massage for Stress, Wrinkles and Ageing

Beauty is due to genetic factors or appropriate care! Genetics matter a lot; you might wonder why some people have beautifully smooth, glowing skin and hair. However, acknowledging and working on flaws that make you uncomfortable is a positive approach to attaining what you desire—the definition of beautiful skin changes with age. As you grow old, the collagen level decreases, wrinkles form, and the skin loses its firmness.

But to reduce the wrinkles and slow down the ageing effect, it’s essential to keep up with your beauty routines. You don’t want to blame it on nature all the time! Although skincare products help nourish your skin and protect it against pollutants, a weekly face massage rejuvenates your skin cells and calms your nerves. Face massages are profoundly practised in beauty care regimens. An artificial face massager like a face roller or vibrator is used with cream and lotion to tighten the sulky skin and reduce wrinkles. It gives you glowing and healthy skin in the comfort of your home.

Healthy skin means a balanced, hydrated and smooth texture. Our face consists of a triggering point that promotes blood flow and relaxes the nerves. When the pressure points are touched, it relieves the stress, stimulates collagen formation and slows down ageing. Acne-prone skin should not be massaged with creams.

It is healthy to adopt some new techniques which give you glowing skin and reduce stress. But it is vital to understand the techniques and practice them correctly. Thus treat yourself to a face spa day or practice face massage at home at least once a week to keep your beauty and mind intact!

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