Does Humidity Affect Your Skin’s Health? Here’s The Answer!

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Does Humidity Affect Your Skin’s Health? Here’s The Answer!

by Shahnaz Husain

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Does Humidity Affect Your Skin’s Health? Here’s The Answer!

Humidity is the concentration of water vapour in the air. Both high and low humidity affect the skin’s health. High humidity makes one feel hotter, as sweat does not evaporate, and low humidity makes one feel cooler! The varying humidity impacts the skin cells and skin pores. Taking precautions to ensure healthy skin becomes essential in such cases.

How does humidity affect your skin’s health?

Here are some of the ways humidity affects the skin’s health

  1. High Humidity

        .     Rashes

Humidity causes excessive sweating, which can block the pores of the skin, leading to heat rashes. This can cause itching and result in red patches on the skin. You can buy Shahnaz Husain’s Shaclove cream or Shabase sandalwood cream, to get rid of these rashes. The active natural antiseptic formula helps in soothing your skin.

         .     Acne

Excessive sweating blocks the skin pores, leading to blackheads, which can result in pimples and acne. This may aggravate the skin causing redness and itching. You can unblock pores with Oops Ayurvedic Face Wash and Shagrain by Shahnaz Husain.

  1. Low Humidity

         .     Dry skin

Low humidity makes the skin dry and strips the skin of its moisture. It makes the skin look dry, leading to sensitivity and red, rough patches. Get Shahnaz Husain’s Shaglow Plus and get your skin moisturized.

         .     Accumulation of dead skin cells

Dry skin makes it difficult for the body to shed dead skin cells. They eventually pile up and block the skin pores, leading to pimples, acne and rash. Remove these dead skin cells with Shahnaz Husain’s 24 Carat Gold Plus Exfoliating Scrub


Humidity has adverse impacts on the skin’s health. Cleansing, detoxing, staying hydrated and using organic skincare products can help in overcoming it. Skincare products such as Total Care Day Long Sun Block provide protection against the sun, keeping the skin moisturised at the same time, making it look healthy and radiant.

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