Can Stem Cell Therapy Turn Back Hands of the Clock? - Shahnaz Husain

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Can Stem Cell Therapy Turn Back Hands of the Clock?

by Shahnaz Husain

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Can Stem Cell Therapy Turn Back Hands of the Clock?

Recently, we have been reading a lot about stem cell therapy and how the use of stem cells has helped to treat many disorders. I remember inLondon, I heard how stem cell therapy gave sight to a young woman who became blind. She was suffering from a condition of macular degeneration that afflicts young people. Scientists considered it a breakthrough, especially for providing hope to people with age-related loss of sight. Embryonic stem cells were used in these two cases. The field of stem cells seems to be advancing and also becoming diverse in its therapeutic usage.

I also read about how stem cell therapy can influence the ageing process and even reverse some signs of age. The stem cells were taken from the hypothalamus, which is a region in our brain. The cells contain genetic material that helped to slow down the ageing process in the experiments that were conducted.

While human stem cells were used in these treatments for such treatments, the stem cells taken from plants have ushered in Plant Cell Therapy in cosmetic care. Scientific research has introduced many ingredients in skin care that help to delay ageing signs. But one of the greatest breakthroughs is Plant Stem Cells skin care, as it helps to remove ageing signs and rejuvenates the skin powerfully.

Plant stem cells are cells that make up the body of the plant. They have the ability to regenerate any part of the plant and can make up an entire plant from a single bud. Importantly, while doing so, they do not lose their vital properties.

But how are they useful to human skin? The fact is that plant stem cells are able to perform the same functions as skin cells. In fact, they are better at repairing and replacing dead and damaged skin cells. Scientific research has shown that plant stem cells can stimulate human stem cell growth and activate the process of repair and regeneration. This means that if our skin cells are damaged or dead and the skin shows signs of ageing, the plant stem cells can form new cells, repair damaged cells and thus reduce ageing signs. The ageing skin begins to look younger and smoother.

Combining plant stem cells with other anti-ageing ingredients, like anti-oxidants, have allowed the formulation of our extraordinary Plant Stem Cells range. The products contain active plant stem cells of the edelweiss flower, collagen, elastin, ceramides and powerful anti-oxidants, all of which combine to actually restructure the skin, strengthen it and restore its youthful properties. They give the skin a new lease of life.

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