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Beat the Pollution Effects Present on Your Hair Naturally

by Shahnaz Husain

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Beat the Pollution Effects Present on Your Hair Naturally

The most common problem of winters is dryness and dandruff. Those white flakes are truly embarrassing as well as bad for hair health. Pollution present in our environment is one of the major reasons behind dull and damaged hair. But don’t give up. Fight against pollution to eliminate pollution effects from your hair with the help of these natural tips.

Coconut milk can help

Infections caused by pollution can be treated with the help of coconut milk. It has properties that help in improving blood circulation and promote hair growth. You can make a hair pack with coconut milk at home by adding honey. Use it as a natural conditioner and enjoy results.

Never low on protein

As we know, diet plays an essential role in maintaining good skin health. But some of you may not be familiar with the fact that hair strands are made of protein fibre. It means your hair requires an adequate amount of protein to protect them from impurities present in the air.
Cleanse timely and gently

Cleansing is the most common thing you need to do for clean and healthy hair. If your hair is not cleaned properly, conditioning and oiling have no meaning. So please choose the best cleanser for your hair and wash your hair properly, making them free from the pollutants present in your hair.
Rely on conditioning

Conditioning is the part where you have to take more precautious. Many of us skip this part, but it is the protective layer that prevents damage caused by the pollution whenever you go out of your house. Apart from protecting hair from pollution, it maintains bounce and lustre to your hair, making you feel more confident.

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