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Ayurvedic Ways for Weight Loss

by Shahnaz Husain

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Ayurvedic Ways for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a significant concern for everyone as health awareness grows. We now inhabit a world that is fascinated with diets. Several fad diets are considered a great approach to losing weight. Well, Ayurveda is here to help if the availability of so many diets is further confusing you.

Ayurveda offers several straightforward yet potent treatments to aid with healthy weight loss. According to Ayurveda, having too much Kapha dosha can cause the body to experience Kapha; it’s crucial to balance this by adhering to specific rules.

You wouldn’t need to deprive yourself or limit your dietary alternatives in an unreasonable way because this health plan places more focus on long-term wellness than immediate gains. Instead, it places a significant emphasis on following a set of straightforward guidelines that can help with weight loss and support a generally healthy body. Read further to learn some simple Ayurvedic tips for weight loss.

  • Consume three satisfying meals every day

The Ayurvedic tradition holds that digestion, transformation, and the idea of digestive fire are all intertwined. The body can be provided with a steady supply of trustworthy fuel to properly ignite the digestive fire, which is required to maintain a healthy metabolism. Eat healthful, easily digestible meals every single day without having snacks in between. This will ensure that the digestive fire is appropriately stoked and may even aid in its growth.

  • Have light dinner and eat it before 7 pm

Allow your stomach to empty itself before bed; eating a light meal (ideally before 7 pm) encourages the natural detoxification processes that happen overnight. Include more salads and soups at dinner to obtain proper system cleansing.

  • Eat food that is Kapha-pacifying

A diet that balances the dosha can help the body adjust and remove excess dosha from the body. Ideal meals for the Kapha diet should be warm, dry, rough, light, and easily digested. Choose freshly prepared food over food that has been frozen, stale, or cold.

  • Drink hot water or tea all day long

Hot water has a long history as an elixir in the Vedic culture. Toxins, or ama, accumulate in the body as a result of environmental causes, including pollution, bad dietary decisions, etc. Ama is meant to be sticky in texture and easily soluble in hot water. Try to drink a few sips of warm water as you wake up. To get good results, add some fresh herbs, such as ginger.

  • Do workout at least thrice a week

Make time for exercise in your hectic schedule to increase metabolism and efficiently burn fat. Walking, running, cycling, practising yoga, or swimming, are all delightful physical activities. The best time to exercise is in the early morning when your body is rested from a good night’s sleep and prepared for the day.

  • Have adequate sleep

Your weight and health can be ruined by poor sleep quality. In fact, some researchers have revealed that getting little sleep may be linked to gaining weight. The best time frame, according to Ayurveda, is from 10 pm to 6 am.

These suggestions might not be useful to you right away, but they will work in the long run. The best way to reduce weight is undoubtedly to lead a healthy lifestyle. Make sure, though, that you combine a nutritious diet with moderate exercise.

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