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All You Need To Know About Colouring Your Hair

by Shahnaz Husain

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All You Need To Know About Colouring Your Hair

There’s no time like the present to get the hair colour you always wanted! However, there are a lot of hesitations surrounding hair colour as people believe that it might lead to dryness, breakage and more. If you’re one of those who want to try a new hair colour but are afraid to try it, look no further, we have got all the info you need regarding hair colour –

Before getting your hair coloured

  1. Don’t rush into it – While base colour can lighten your hair by one to two shades, experts advocate going even slower. The professionals recommend going half a shade lighter every time you colour your hair to avoid damage and breakage and to achieve the most even, natural-looking outcome.
  2. Go for a colour which compliments your skin tone- If you have a warm skin tone, that probably goes well with chocolate brown and platinum hair colour. If you have a cold complexion and prefer silver, consider a rich golden brown, warm red, or blonde.
  3. Hydrate your hair prior to colouring – Applying a moisturising hair mask or leave-in conditioner a day or two before using hair colour will prime hair by plumping up the cuticle.
  4. Skip shampoo before colouring – Your scalp can be sensitive, and its natural oils are designed to protect not only your skin, but also your strands. Because shampooing might cause some of these healthful oils to be washed away, refrain from washing your hair for 24 to 48 hours before colouring it. Allowing oils to accumulate on your hair during this period helps preserve your strands and keep them healthier post-color.

During and Post Hair-Colour Maintenance

  1. Use Only Quality, Conditioning Hair Colours
  2. Remember: Red Dye is Most Prone to Colour Loss
  3. Use only a Colour-Safe Shampoo
  4. Shampoo Your Coloured Hair Less Frequently
  5. Keep the Water Temperature Down when Shampooing Coloured Hair
  6. Don’t skip conditioner when you shampoo
  7. After you’ve coloured your hair, use your mask once a week to keep it smooth, healthy, and shining.

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