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All You Need to Know About a Good Hair Routine

by Shahnaz Husain

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All You Need to Know About a Good Hair Routine

Healthy hair care is as essential as a good skincare routine, and hair care doesn’t mean using the best products for hair but a lot more. Let’s find out the best and healthy hair care routine for healthy and impressive hair growth.

A good lifestyle and diet play a crucial role in maintaining good hair growth and health that last longer. You have to add and follow some things to your daily hair care routine to make them look amazing.

Here’s the proper, essential and beneficial hair care routine from the beauty expert Shahnaz Husain for all hair types.

Proper and regular cleaning 

Never skip your shampoo schedule because the first step to giving your hair excellent health depends on the proper and regular cleaning. Make sure you wash your hair properly with shampoo that is best for your hair. Use herbal shampoo instead of synthetic products to provide your hair goodness of nature.

Conditioning is far more crucial 

You may skip conditioning your hair if you have oily hairs because natural oils in your hair are enough to keep providing moisture and shine. But it is always better to use conditioner for normal to dry hair, as it protects your hair from UV rays and other harmful particles.

Take oil massage

Add oil massage to your hair care routine to provide better blood circulation and moisturizer to your hair. As required and available, you can gently massage your hair and scalp with coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. Leave the oil overnight and wash hair the next day, for a soft and shiny look

Use natural hair products

If you want to keep your hair in the best possible condition, adding natural products will help. They have the properties to protect your hair from damage and provide a healthy look for a longer period.

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