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The Shahnaz Husain Group

The Shahnaz Husain Group is internationally renowned for organic beauty care, based on Ayurveda, blending ancient traditions with the latest scientific techniques. The largest organization of its kind in the world, it has a global network of franchise salons, spas, shops, beauty training academies and Ayurvedic formulations for beauty and health care.

As leaders in product innovation, the Shahnaz Husain Group has evolved more than 375 formulations, based on Ayurveda, for beauty and health care. They comprise of formulations for general care and also include highly specialized therapeutic products for skin and hair problems. The ingredients comprise of herb, flower and fruit extracts, essential oils and other natural substances, including minerals and gems. Premium Shahnaz Husain formulations, like Diamond Collection, Pearl Concepts, Platinum Range, Plant Stem Cells, Telomere DNA Defence and Black Diamond have stormed international markets. State-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D units, as well as long expertise have given the Group an edge over others in the sophisticated formulation of products.

The Shahnaz Husain franchise is at the core of the success of the Shahnaz Husain brand. Apart from strong branding, the franchise offers an established business model with proven success rate. The Shahnaz Husain Signature Salons have become internationally known for path-breaking treatments and innovations. The Group also offers the opportunity to associate with the Shahnaz Husain Brand by opening franchise branches of the beauty training academies and also Franchise Retail Outlets. Trained Beauty Advisors are deployed by the Group to sell and educate the end consumers about the products.

The Group has acquired a global presence, having sold at leading stores, exclusive outlets and franchise salons worldwide. The network of franchise ventures and direct product distributors has extended worldwide, from South East Asia, Japan and Australia…. to the Middle East, Africa, USA, U.K. and Europe. Shahnaz Herbal is the only Indian herbal cosmetic brand to be selling at Selfridges, London’s most prestigious store. The products have also sold at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrods in London, La Rinascente in Milan, El Corte Inglis in Spain, Bloomingdales in the USA and the Seibu chain in Japan. Shahnaz Herbal has participated in prestigious beauty shows and international beauty expos, like Olympia Beauty Show in London and Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy. The products are now available in other countries of Europe, like the Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Belarus and Russia. In order to further the enterprise in the U.K. and Europe, Shahnaz Herbal has set up a Liaison Office in London and has also appointed renowned Distributors. Shahnaz Herbal’s future plans include the consolidation and strengthening of its international business in Europe and other regions, in terms of franchising and distribution of products and services.

Last year, the Group extended its presence in the UAE with the opening of a Shahnaz Husain Signature Salon in Dubai. Retail stores all over Dubai are selling the products, the New Medical Centre Group, based in Abu Dhabi, distributors of the Shahnaz products have a chain of pharmacies, including hotels, where the products are available.

The Shahnaz Husain Group is also the pioneer of professional training in Beauty Therapy in India. More than three decades ago, when only apprenticeship training was available, Shahnaz started academies to provide professional courses in beauty. Over the last three decades, the Group has trained thousands of women and men for careers in beauty. The Group is also committed to Corporate Social Responsibility through Shamute and Shasight, free beauty training courses for speech and hearing impaired and blind students. Shahnaz Husain has also written a book on beauty, which has been put into Braille.

The Group has received prestigious international awards for Quality Excellence in London, Geneva, Cannes, Paris and New York. Shahnaz Husain also received the “Outstanding Ayurvedic Innovation Award” by the Indo-British Business Forum in the British Parliament, as well as the prestigious Olympia Award for “Outstanding Contribution in Ayurveda and Plant Cosmetics” at the Olympia Beauty Show, London. Shahnaz also received the World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Award from Success, the New York based business magazine. The China Chamber of Commerce conferred on her the Award for Ayurvedic Innovation and she received the Golden Peacock Leadership Award in London for Outstanding Ayurvedic Innovation.

Shahnaz Husain also attended U.S. President Obama’s Summit of Entrepreneurs twice in one year, first in Washington DC in April 2010 and in Mumbai, during President Obama’s visit to India. Shahnaz was selected to attend the prestigious summits as a pioneer and business leader. She was among 8 leading entrepreneurs to attend a closed door meeting during the summit in Mumbai. It is not only a great honour, but also international recognition of her achievements and spirit of entrepreneurship.

With a successful track record of four decades, the legendary Shahnaz Husain brand name has gone from strength to strength. It has been tested by the most exacting test of all…..the test of Time!